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Got Crystals from the store...& forgot the meaning?

...No worries. Sometimes, It's a lot of info to remember, so let's be real...none of us learned this stuff overnight! Click the link below to get brief information on the most common crystals!

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Spring 2022

Events & Classes!

The Art of Letting Go (Sister Circle- Open Forum Discussion)

The art of letting go was a Healing SessionSister Circle… And a SafeSpace for Colorful woman to attend & discuss getting to the root of holding on to traumas, &  How To Let Go.

Find Photos & Feedback Form for the event Here!

-Crystal Conversations(Session II) SUMMER 2023

(Secret Location!)

Join us for our 2nd Crystal Conversations Social & Class!

•Social, Meet & Greet!•Learn the Crystal Basics•Shop Crystals & other Spiritual Maintenance Tools!•Enjoy Music, Food & Activities

Limited Space Available

Tickets Coming Soon